About us

Who we are….

Aristocracy is a small home breeding cattery of Siberian cats. We live on the borders of Zachodniopomorskie and Lubuskie voivoedships. We live not far from Gorzow Wlkp together with our three sons, three cats and two dogs Havana and Gral.

Why „aristocracy”? Probably there are no other animals in the world which are more aristocratic creatures than cats. Our cattery is registered with Felis Posnania club, which is a part of Polish Felinology Federation (FPL) and we are members of siberian cat club (sibcatclub). Our cats and dogs are treated and looked after by d.v.m doctor of veterinary medicine Daniel Figiel who runs hi veterinary surgery in Barlinek

My love…

My love for animals and nature appeared with the moment i was born. My whole childhood was connected with observing animals. That is why I decided to study biology. I hold a master degree in biology and environment protection in university of Szczecin.

I have always wanted to keep animals in my home. My dreams have finally come true when we moved to the village. Our first animal guest was a dog called Gral

The beginnings….

One animal is just not enough. I had been dreaming to have a pedigree cat. My dream came true when our dog Gral finally had a new friend a siberian tomcat Cadillac of Aliland., from the cattery of Alina Grzymalska from Swinoujscie. Afterwards we took part in the first cat show and the more I learnt about the race the more I dreamt about taking acive part in its development.

I decided to breed these lovely animals. After many hours of reading about the inbreeding issues I started to look for a perfect cat. We chose a beautiful silver-black she-cat from a breeder Koc-Pol Cat Mrs Monika Koc from Lodz. Elf Galadiera began to live with us on 15 august 2008.

We registered under the name of aristocracy iN march 2009 and in june we had our first litter.

Why a siberian cat?

It is one of the healthiest and natural cat breeds available today. The cat is designed for winter conditions but it can easily adapt to new ones. Siberian cats are wonderful, open-minded, playful, charming and well-balanced companions . It is loyal, active, intelligent, brave but they will never impose on their owner. Siberian cats are gentle, understanding for children. They make contact with other animals and learn the rules of the house with ease. They will win the heart of everybody. They will not sentisize as much as other breeds because there is no albumen feld1 in ther saliva.

Why do we breed

I mainly intend to achieve cats which will have specific character, which will be great companions for their owners. But above all I care about the good of the cats from my cattery, I want them to find a loving family. At the same time I want their new owners to be satisfied and happy with their new family members, I want my cats to enrapture their owners with their charming personality and live long and healhty lives.

I want my cats to be beautiful, with strong body shape and ideal fur..

I do not want to concentrate on any specific colour or pattern. In my opinion each colour seems to be beautiful, and there is nothing more fascinating than waiting impatiently for the birth of your kittens thinking: I wonder what their colours will be like this time?

Agnieszka Korneluk-Kaczmarczyk