2 May 2010

Szczecin Show 17-18 April 2010: 

It was a very successful show for our two female cats . Elf Galadiera received two more excellent grades (ex1) and two champion certificates (CH) and a she-cat from our litter a- Atlantis Aryskotracja*PL had a wonderful debut receiving excellent grade (EX1) on the first day her firt CAC and what is more she won BIV (best cat in colour) on the second day she received ex1 and her second champion certificate CAC. We are very proud of our Atlantis, she is very much appreciated by the judges ansd she is still only ten months old.

2 May 2010

Koscian Show 1-2 May 2010: 

We spent our first days of may in a show room but it was worh the effort – Atlantis was appreciated again. On the first day she received her third CAC and thereby became a champion (CH) and was nominated for BIS winning against Norwegian Forest Cat. On the second day she received her first Interchampion title (CACIB) and was nominated for BIS.

Elf Galadiera received two Interchampion certificates (CACIB). Our cats are now going to relax after a hard-working days of the shows.

We are planning more litter of kittens in our cattery: Galadiera and Cadillac in the summer this year and Atlantis and xxx in winter.