Atlantis Aryskotracja*PL

IC Atlantis Aryskotracja*PL

Title: Internationale Champion
Color: f 09 24 (czarny szylkret cętkowany z białym)
Date of birth: 17-06-2009
Father: CH Cadillac z Alilandu*PL
Mother: CH Elf Galadiera Koc-Pol Cat*PL
Pedigree: (PL)FPL LO 23417
Tests: FeLV/FIV negative (-)

Photo gallery

She was born in our cattery and she stayed with us. I chose her not only because of her appearance (nice head, strong body shape, beautiful fur) but also because of her distinguishing character- she is a real aristocrat: well-balanced, calm, independent. She does great on her shows, she likes travelling, she stays calm when being judged and her presentation. She is extremely attached to our oldest son and she likes cuddling with him the most.

Show achievements

Miejsce Klasa Sędzia Ocena
Szczecin 9 Mr. Henry Hornell, NO Ex1, CAC, BIV
Szczecin 9 Mrs. Waltraut Sattler, DE Ex1, CAC
Kościan 9 Mr. Yan Roca- Folch, FR Ex1, CAC, NOM BIS
Kościan 7 Mrs. Berta Nemcova, CZ Ex1, CACIB, NOM BIS
Poznań 7 Mr. Steven L. Jones, NO Ex1, CACIB
Poznań 7 Mr. Dieter Filler, CH Ex1, CACIB, NOM BIS
Praga 7 Mrs. J. M. Pillonel Ex1, CACIB
International Champion
Praga 5 Mrs. A. Kohn Ex1, CAGCIB
Konin 5 Mr. W. Albert Kurkowski, PL Ex1, CAGCIB
Konin 5 Mrs. Francoise Milcent- Dubois, FR Ex1, CAGCIB, BIV, NOM BIS
Legionowo 5 Mrs. Anne-Gro Edstrom,NO Ex2
Legionowo 5 Mr. Henry Hornell, SE Ex2