Current kittens

Miot N2

Date of birth: 14-05-2017


Cadillac Aryskotracja *PL
a 22 (niebieski klasycznie pręgowany)

Eureka Aryskotracja *PL
SIB n 22

Kittens' pedigree

Nidoran  male ny 22 (czarny złocisty klasycznie pręgowany)  at new home P1240007
Natu  male n 22 (czarny klasycznie pręgowany)  observation P1240129
Nandu  male n 22 (czarny klasycznie pręgowany)  at new home Nandu1.
Nincado  male n 22 (czarny klasycznie pręgowany)  at new home P1240103
Ninetales  male n 22 (czarny klasycznie pręgowany)  at new home P1230257
Nidorina  female ny 22 (czarna złocista klasycznie pręgowana)  at new home P1220634

Important information

Our kittens can leave our cattery and start living in a new home when they are 12 weeks old. They have health certificates, they have been dewormed many times and they have chips. They are taught to stay neat, know how to live with other animals, and brought up with children. They receive a pedigree and a layette. The kittens are under constant veterinarian care. Our cats eat royal canine porta 21, animonda. The layette includes: cat food, toy, and guidebooks. In case of any questions you are always welcome to ask we will gladly offer you our support and help. We do not sell cats without a pedigree. A pedigree certifies that a cat is pure-bred.

We draw up an agreement with each buyer. Our kittens can only be bought by those who accept the rules in the agreement. Our kitten can be bought only to be serve you as a companion (without pedigree breeding right) or as breeding animal this has obviously influence on the price. Kittens which are not to be future breeders are sterilized.



  • free – a kitten is looking for a loving family,
  • observation – someone is already interested,
  • reservation – a kitten is not available (to reserve a kitten we require 30 % advance payment),
  • sold – a kitten has already found a new home.